The operating room is a unique environment that includes many challenging variables: complex clinical care performed by teams; high cost, sophisticated technologies that often do not interoperate; and a large array of supplies, instruments, and implants that are difficult to manage.

Technology that is designed expressly for and adequately tailored to the demands of care process in the operating room will result in optimal clinical adoption and outcomes. Through the design and implementation of such systems, the perioperative process can help maximize improvements to safety, patient and clinician satisfaction, and ultimately the success of this highly complex and financially important area of clinical care.

ARKIMED is an integrator of high-performance processes and solutions for mission-critical medical applications. We also provide custom software design services for medical applications. Key markets include hospital operating rooms, the medical devices industry and education centers.

ARKIMED is a privately held medical devices company developing advanced technology for operating rooms. The company headquarters are located in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Operating room integration has become a key component of the rapidly-growing revolution of medical information technology. Surgeons are increasingly looking for the most efficient methods to control images in the OR.

As a frontrunner in operating room integrations, ARKIMED’s innovative solutions and technology are quickly taking the medical market by storm.

ARKIMED’s mission is to design, manufacture, and integrate high-performance digital solutions for mission-critical medical markets.